Simple, yet Savagely Effective Travel Conditioning Workout

Conditioning Workout

Simple, yet Savagely Effective Travel Conditioning Workout

There are a select few big reasons people tend to not do any form of strength and conditioning work. Money and time are the big ones, which I’ve actually already written about here. The third, less common, but I still hear frequently is “I can’t train when I travel”, or at least a sentiment to that effect.

The key to fitness, health, performance, strength and conditioning is staying consistent over the long-haul.

Being consistent with training when around your home base is one thing, but if the momentum shifts to inactivity during travel, then you’re seriously hurting your long term progress.

I know I mention this over-and-over, but I like to keep things as simple as possible. Over complicating things never ends well. Simplicity, consistency, mastery and grace will always be kings.

The following is my go-to when on the road.

It’s a simple, yet a savagely effective conditioning workout.

I’ve heard the term “minimalist conditioning” used previously and I can’t think of a better term for this.

It works.

It works incredibly well.

The Reason it Works?

It works because of its simplicity.

There’s no paralysis by over-analysis.

There’s no room for over-thinking.

You just focus and get the work done.

It works because it been tried and tested, time and time again.

It was forged through Experience

I travel fairly frequently. I love the new places, new sights, new smells and the all new stimuli.

Travel does however bring with it a set of new complications when it comes to training. New parameters, new surroundings and a rule set governed by the host, or hotel you’re staying in. Any previous, and possibly taken for granted amenities that usually house your training are stripped away leaving only a blank canvas to work with.

Through these restrictions, there is still room to train, to strengthen, to condition and grow.

There is no need for a loaded gym, or a selection of expensive toys. Just a few cheap and easily transportable items will allow you to condition your body to elite levels. Boxing, muay Thai, BJJ, wrestling, grappling, whatever your art or passion, these tools and your commitment to train while travelling will keep you a step above the rest.

What Tools?

conditioning workout

Travel Conditioning Workout

It’s simple:

Simplicity at its finest…


On the Road Conditioning Workout

1a. Jump Rope*: 40 second work/20 seconds rest x 10 – 15 minutes

2a. Ab Rollout x 5

2b. Bear Crawl x 30 seconds

Five Rounds Total

*Mix up your jumping style for the first 30 seconds. For the remaining 10 seconds go into a flat out sprint.

Looks simple right?

The key is to focus on movement mechanics and breathing.

You want the movements to be consistent from start to completion. Strive for grace and movement mastery.

If you’re looking for a movement standard in the bear crawl, look no further than Jeff Sokol over at Sokol Strong.

Of course, crawling with a mini-med ball can be very effective as well!

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Closing Thoughts

A lack of training during periods of travel is complete bullshit.

There are countless great options available. The one above is just my go-to for a brutally effective conditioning workout.

Don’t over complicate life or training, especially when it’s supplemental to your martial art or sport anyway.

Keep the momentum going and don’t break away from training because of an excuse you’ve given yourself. Grab yourself a jump-rope and an ab roller if you don’t already have one. Keep this workout accessible and anytime you’re away from your home surroundings, give this a go – You’ll be happy you got this in.

Keep me posted on how you do with it.



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