Top 3 MMA Diet Tips

It’s common knowledge that diet is incredibly important. It’s been said that results are 80% diet and 20% exercise. You give 100% in the gym so your diet should be getting the same treatment. If you fuel your body with poor choices, unfortunately your results are going to be equally as poor.  Fighters regularly starve themselves, sweat buckets in sweat suits, buy the most expensive protein powders, but neglect the basics of good nutrition.MMA Diet

It’s nothing new, nothing exciting, but eating quality foods is the best thing for your body, your performance and helps with making weight cuts easier. Below are the top three tips for getting the most out of your MMA diet.

Eat Good Whole Foods

There is literally 100’s of new diets out each year. Why over complicate things? I have never really understood the need for over complicating diets. With so many “diet” options available, it’s so easy to get confused and go back to bad habits.

Keep things simple… If it’s natural, then eat it.

The more food is touched by man, the worse it becomes. Think about it. Vegetables, fruits, roots, herbs, meats, nuts, seeds and water are all natural, all healthy choices. On the other hand, chocolates, cakes, candies, sodas, fast food, all man made and terrible choices. Surround yourself with good foods, feel great, look great and train better.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water should be the go to liquid for hydrating the body. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with most people. Generally the day will start with a caffeine boost, followed by more caffeine throughout the day onto alcohol in the evening. This isn’t me preaching. I love coffee and booze! But water really should be the main liquid you consume to avoid dehydration. Water has far too many benefits to mention in this but I have an article devoted to the benefits of water. Check it out here. 

Documenting What You Eat 

Nearly every athlete keeps a journal of what they are doing in the gym. Renegade DietNot only does this ensure you are honest with your progress, but it keeps you motivated and moving forward.  Ask any one how well they eat and the response will be vague at best.

For the most part, those who train hard are eating well, but documenting what you eat will really cement this. Keeping a super simple journal of what you have eaten will show you any slip ups and help make conscious healthy habits.

If you are after a more detailed plan for dieting check out the Renegade Diet from Jason Ferruggia. This is a truly amazing diet that is essentially the opposite of every other diet I have seen.