Top 10 in 2015

With 2015 drawing ever closer to its end, I thought I’d take this opportunity to put the top 10 posts of the year into one place.

This quick post makes an excellent resource for anyone training for sport, weight loss, health, longevity, or whatever it may be, so be sure you send anyone looking for a great place to start training, right here.

Onto the top 10…

Top 10 in 2015 – Number 10

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves: A Review of the Best Top 10

This is one of the earliest reviews on the site an indeed one of the earliest posts overall, yet despite that, it still remains one of the most viewed and shared. I love Hayabusa products and here is an in-depth review of the best boxing gloves they offer.

Top 10 in 2015 – Number 9

Strongman Circuit for MMA

This post is to this day one of my favourite posts up on the site. I hold strongman training in very high esteem for its use in training for combat sports.

This post was top 10 the first time I addressed this style of training and it immediately took of from there.

It’s really great to see and hear from those who have read the words and implemented them into their own training and have seen first hand the benefits of doing so. This post spawned numerous others after it, but this is the original strongman training for MMA post on the site.


Top 10 in 2015 – Number 8

7 Quick Metabolic Workouts

This post is pretty self explanatory based of the title alone. The metabolic workouts in the post are all bodyweight only and require very little room to do. They all take very little time and are pretty much guaranteed to kick your ass, regardless of your current fitness level.

I frequently use all of the workouts in the post, in particular after a skill practice session or when on the road travelling. There really are no excuses not to train when you have access to this kind of training modality with you at all times. The popularity of this post was the starting point for my first book 100 Metabolic Workouts

To those of you who have it, thank you! To those of you who don’t make sure you check it out and keep it as a handy reference when you are short on time, on the road or in need of a fat-loss/conditioning workout.

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Top 10 in 2015 – Number 7

Neck Training for MMA

Neck training in combat sports is vitally important, yet despite this it’s so often overlooked. The other side to that coin is that neck training is seen in some gyms, but the training modalities are often incredibly dated and more often than not, actually more damaging than strengthening.

This is actually part one of a four part series on neck training for MMA. This is the most basic, effective and safest place to start training your neck the right way.

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Top 10 in 2015 – Number 6

Two Brutal 10 Minute Sandbag Workouts 

I am a very firm believer that you can get incredibly strong, fit, mobile and healthy with whatever you have available. The fitness industry is becoming ever increasingly more elitist. This attitude is not only so far from the truth, but it’s also incredibly damaging.

People can get fit with anything. Bodyweight training, sandbag training, kettlebells, barbells, workout partners, hills, stones, rocks, logs, whatever it is, at the end of the day, resistance is resistance. Regardless of what you are using, it takes intensity, passion, grit, determination and drive to achieve the results you want.

This post is a great example of this philosophy. You need a sandbag that will cost you next to nothing. You need a small amount of space, which everyone has, and finally, you need just 10 minutes of training time, which I guarantee every single person reading this can make.

The popularity and feedback from this post inspired a whole series of 10 minute workouts using a range of different training tools. Be sure to check this out and indeed, look for the others.

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Top 10 in 2015 – Number 5

Savage Simplicity 

Savage simplicity is something I live by. In essence savage simplicity is establishing a goal, determining what are the very basics that get you to that goal and how can you ramp up the intensity of these to get incredible results.

Seeing the popularity of this post made me a very happy man. Having people write to me and tell me of a shift in mindset and how this style of thinking has enabled them to get to new levels in training and life has made me so ecstatic to keep putting out content week after week.

Top 10 in 2015 – Number 4

Fighting Clean: 4 Tips for good MMA Hygienetop 10

Fighting, combat and training in general is a dirty business. Skin ailments in combat sports are incredibly common, yet so many overlook the importance of the appropriate hygiene to combat these issues.  This post simply highlights four very easily actionable tips that you can do to avoid any nasty and potentially harmful skin issues.

Top 10 in 2015 – Number 3

5 Quick ways to Build Mental Toughness 

I could, and indeed already do, go on for days about the value of mental toughness. It’s something that is steadily on the decline and it’s ultimately one of the big determining factors in you achieving the things you want, in life and in training.

This post outlines five quick ways you can start building mental toughness. Don’t overlook this, take a read, re-read and begin getting tougher! 

Top 10 in 2015 – Number 2

5 Things you should be doing on a Daily Basis

The title says it all really! Five things you should be doing on a daily basis that you probably aren’t right now. 2016 is rapidly approaching, so what better time to implement new things into your day.

Top 10 in 2015 – Number 1

Keep things Simple

Ahhhh, keeping things simple. My ethos, my mainstay, my thought processes, training principles, diet and lifestyle all stem from keeping things simple.

The world is a very complex place with literally millions of different thoughts and ideas on any given subject at any given time. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and ultimately, end up standing still unsure of what path to take. Give this a read and see just how keeping things simple can help you out in 2016.

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Closing Thoughts

What a year 2015 has been, here’s to a stronger, tougher 2016!

Thank you all,


P.s If you have any suggestions for posts in 2016, please leave a comment below, shoot me an email, tweet me, whatever it may be and I will do my best to provide more strength, toughness, mental toughness and conditioning tips, tricks and plans to help you develop better workouts and get stronger and tougher!

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