Strength, Power and Conditioning Efficiency

Kettlebell Swing

I’m all about efficiency with training. Get in, work your ass off and get out. Its how I have always trained and it’s something I try to instil in others. It’s something that is especially important in your MMA training.

The key is intensity.

You train to the point of feeling sick. You train to the point of wondering why the hell you chose to read these words. You train to the point of wobbly legs and having no chance in hell of talking to someone after the set is done.

Slow, monotonous movements just don’t cut it!

The truth is, if you are not struggling to get oxygen into your lungs, your metabolism isn’t getting touched. This certainly means you are not getting any EPOC effects after your session.

Give this quick workout a go and tell me you don’t feel like a bad-ass after it!

The Workout 

1a. Heavy Kettlebell Swings x 25

1b. 50m Sprint

5 Rounds Total.

That’s it. No Fucking around.

You can’t just call yourself a beast. You have to earn it.

Get out and Fucking prove to yourself what you are capable of.

Train your body and mind HARD!

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