100 Metabolic Workouts


“If you want a kick-ass finisher to your workout, or simply some inspiration to take your training in a new direction, this book, from innovative trainer Phil Bennett is for you.”

“A must for home based exercising, a useful aid for anybody attempting to achieve higher levels of fitness and an absolute steal at £1.99!”

“Tough but its definitely worth all the effort.”

“All the workouts are brutal but fun!”

“I’m trying to get fit for martial arts. To this end, this is a no nonsense valuable supplement.”


“He’ll kill you but well worth it if you wanna burn fat and tone up!”


What is this book all about?

I’ll tell you!

After training has finished and everyone else is heading home, grab yourself this book, open the pages and choose one of the hundred workouts in there. Every one of the hundred is designed to push you mentally, physically and get solid results. If you apply yourself, you will get fitter, you will get leaner, you will be stronger and you will perform better.

The workouts are not just for hardcore finishers for after practice though. This book is a great resource for those who are travelling, those who have no access to a gym and those short on time. All the workouts in this book are bodyweight only, so there are no excuses like “I don’t have that piece of equipment” and they are all less than 20 minutes long so there is no “I don’t have the time” excuse.

I personally have used the routines in this book when travelling and before a competition to step up my cardio. I have had coaches use this book at the end of boot camps to push fitness levels to new heights. I have heard from others who travel or have family commitments that do not allow them the time to train for hours a week.

I’m not sure it’s for me…

If you train hard and are looking for that extra push to get the results you want, this book is for you.

If you travel frequently and have no access to gyms or equipment, this book is for you.

If you are a coach, looking for something to push your athletes, this book is definitely for you.

There is not one person who will not benefit from having this book in their collection. Possibly best of all though is the price, at £1.99, €2.99 and $2.99 this book is an amazing reference for anyone.

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