Rucking Anyone?

WorkHardKnucklesRucking, what is it?

It’s simple really…


Three easily adjustable variables for one hell of an unusual, but certainly nothing new, conditioning session.

It’s one of those things that has come into mainstream popularity over the last few years with all sorts of organized events and media, but it’s been with the military and ancient tribes since the dawn of time.

I’m normally very wary of what the mainstream fitness machine peddles, but I’m actually really happy to see it come into the eyes of the masses.

Literally the only thing needed to be able to ruck, is the ability to walk. It’s perfect for any level of fitness and ability and offers incredible benefits. How has it taken the fitness industry this long to catch on?

But, how does this benefit your combat or MMA training?

Well, besides being one hell of a way to increase your aerobic capacity, it also significantly improves your strength, posture and mental fortitude. It offers significant calorie burn with limited impact on your joints. You’ll build foot, ankle, hip and core strength. You’ll find your work capacity increases. Your lactic threshold increases. Your mind will develop a “keep on pushing” attitude. Need I go on?

Like I said before, rucking is essentially distance + weight + time. Throw a weight on your back and get walking, it’s that simple.

Now, if you decide to add rucking into your MMA training, it’s advisable to start out light with a short distance. Start out with something like 25-30lbs and walk 2 miles, once a week. As you become more proficient, you can increase either the weight or distance. Personally, I never walk more than 3 miles. It takes too long and I am too busy haha. I prefer to add the weight.

It’s not crazy weight though.

You want to still be nasal breathing throughout and able to maintain a conversation. I have found 100lbs on my 260lb frame over 2/3 miles to be a really great mental, aerobic and toughness workout.

I encourage you to get out and try it. It’s a really strange workout that on paper seems like nothing. However, get out and get walking with a weight on your back and you will soon meet your psychological and physical limits. Channel you inner marine and give rucking a go.