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Today I have for you a guest post from John Greaves over at garage gym life.

I’ve not know John for too long, but honestly it takes no time at all to see just how passionate, how driven and how motivated he is towards training, helping others and building a solid community of lifters and friends.

I urge you to take the time to check out his blog and the wonderful things he’s doing for the garage, yard, living room, basement, outdoor, alternative lifters of this world.

Without further ramblings from me, here’s John…

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Too Busy Bullshit and Sandbag Training. The “Sandbag Slaughterer Workout”

Sandbag Training

Ahhhh yes, those days where life becomes relentless and the hours seem to pass by at a hasty, unstoppable pace.

Things get postponed, others cast aside and I’m as guilty as the next person for doing it. Yet for me, training never takes a backseat.

Yes, the workouts may be shortened. They may be abbreviated or changed completely from the day’s plan depending on the situation, the mood and the mind-set, but it never gets missed. View Post

5 of the best Exercises for Unbreakable Grip Strength

Grip strength

Right to the point today – Let’s talk grip strength.

Without grips, you have nothing – Simple as.  If your grip fails, all your experience, techniques and control go out of the window. Grip is where it all begins. It’s the first point of contact with an opponent and remains pivotal in your success throughout the duration of the fight.

What defines Grip Strength?

The fingers, hands, wrists and forearms together make up your grip. The term grip then encompasses acts of grabbing, holding and pinching.

In life, the grip strength is constantly called upon. Actions, even the most mundane like writing, holding groceries and carrying children are all grip based. In sports, specifically here, the grappling arts – sambo, bjj, wrestling, submission wrestling – the grip is vital for controlling opponents, manipulating them, pulling them, takedowns, submissions and the like.

Some will argue that sport alone is enough to develop an iron grip and while there is merit to that argument, as long as it doesn’t take away from the practice of the sport in question, supplementing it in the gym is only going to help.

In my mind, my practice and my coaching, grip is a vital component to being a stronger, better athlete.

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An Apology, An Announcement and a Commitment… Oh, and a Sandbag Workout too!

sandbag workout First things first, an apology is in order.

My lack of presence around here has not gone unnoticed by myself. Honestly though there no excuses. Life gets f*cking crazy at times!

Crazy with what you ask?

Travelling, coaching, living, learning – Like I said – life.

I do have an exciting announcement though

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Nomadic Again, Restrictions and Travel Workout Options

travel workout As of posting this I’ll be out of my country of birth and on the road again.

It hasn’t happened much in recent months, but I still do like to think of myself as a somewhat nomad, a pseudo vagabond or a casual wayfarer.

Travel for me, is so much more than walking around with a camera out and heading frantically from tourist spot to tourist spot.

I’m a very visual person. The new sights, the new faces, the new surroundings and stimuli recharge me. They fill me with inspiration, excitement and a fire that staying in one place can’t quite deliver.

For that reason travel in my mind has to be slow.

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