5 Simple, Easy to Action Daily Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle has become complicated – for some reason.

These five things are basic. So basic they shouldn’t even need writing about.

People look for big changes to get healthier, thinner, fitter, stronger or more muscled, but 99% of life’s big changes come from the seemingly insignificant little things done on a daily basis.

The key is habit, dedication and consistency.

Take brushing your teeth, a seemingly small task that you perform each and every day without fail because it’s part of your routine. Imagine though, you failed to brush your teeth for a year. It doesn’t take much imagination to think about the state of your teeth, health, breath and probably personal relationships in your life.

The five things below, much like brushing your teeth are small tasks, that done on a daily basis with diligence and consistency will contribute to an overall change in your health and lead you on a healthy lifestyle.

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9 Best MMA Tips for your Strength and Conditioning

MMA tips

I’m going to get right to the point with this one.

Here I have 9 MMA tips for you to apply to your strength and conditioning.

1.  Pull More, Push Less

Let’s kick off these MMA tips with a big one… Overly emphasizing pushing is a modern plague in the gym. Too much pushing will create imbalances throughout the body and in a sport like MMA, these imbalances are already pretty prevalent in the fight training itself – Shortened, tightened pecs, inwardly rounded shoulders, winged scapula, tight hip flexors, I could go on.

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Learn how to Shoulder a Sandbag – In one Minute

Shouldering a Sandbag

First, a boxing analogy…

In boxing, there are in essence just four punches – Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut. With these four punches you have a seemingly endless number of combinations. Couple that with a lifetime refining the techniques, nuances and details – learning offence, defence, reading an opponent, footwork and ring smarts and you have yourself the sweet science that is boxing.

What does this have to do with sandbag shouldering?

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4 Awesome Sandbag Exercises for Grapplers


sandbag exercises

A Quick Message to You

Before I get into this one, I wanted to put out a quick message simply asking you what it is you’d like to see on here? What are the things you’re struggling with? The things you’d like me to write about? The things you’d like to see more of or less of? 

I ask simply because this site isn’t for me – it’s for you guys. To help you out in anyway I can. A big part of that is you letting me know the things you’re after, need help with or are stuck on. 

There are plenty of ways to get hold of me. Either email, Instagram, Twitter or comment down below. I truly look forward to hearing from you guys! Enough rambling… Onto the scheduled post… 

The sandbag is a wonderful tool I’ve written about countless times before.

When I’m coaching, I’m constantly looking for patterns and trends that bring about the greatest successes.

When it comes to the sandbag and grapplers, there are a few big movements that very effectively cover basic movement patterns and have a remarkable effect on grappling specific strength, fitness and toughness.

Here, I have what I’ve found to be the best tetrad (a fancy way of saying “four” I’ve wanted to use for some time…) of sandbag exercises for the grapplers.

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