Time under Tension…Challenge 27

time under tension

Challenge 27 and this time it’s another bout of major time under tension. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about time under tension and it sure as hell won’t be the last.

But, why though?

Well, it’s great for building muscle, it’s perfect for fighters and it’s fucking tough, both physically and mentally – the kind of training I love!

Think about it, if you’re doing a high rep set of squats and you stop to rest, reset and maybe try to catch your breath, you’re still under the load supporting the weight. It’s this kind of stress that sends the body into growth and it’s this kind of stress that builds an unstoppable mind and physicality.

So, if you want to build some solid muscle and an unbendable mind and spirit, give the following challenge a go.

Time under Tension Challenge

Three rounds horrendous of the following…

1a. Double Kettlebell Push-Press x 3

1b. Double Kettlebell Overhead Carry x 10 meters

1c. Double Kettlebell Clean x 5

1d. Double Kettlebell Racked Carry x 10 meters

1e. Double Kettlebell Bent over Row x 8

1f. Double Kettlebell Farmer’s Carry x 10 meters

Like the title of this challenge states, time under tension is key. The kettlebells, from the second you pick them up for the first push-press right up until the final steps of the farmer’s carry, must not touch the ground at any point. You are to fight your mind and fight the desire to just let them down for a quick breather.

As always…Get stronger and get tougher, both physically and mentally.


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