Training over the Holiday Season – Savagely Simple MMA Workout Program

MMA Workout Program

I have a quick post today, but an important one nonetheless.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s the time where, and rightfully so I might add, people have some fun, eat a little too much, indulge and drink.

The bit I don’t like is the abundance of people skipping training, missing workouts or giving up entirely in favour of an “ahh, I’ll get back to it next year” approach.

I get that time can become an issue over the holidays, but that is never an excuse I’ll accept willingly.

Motivation can also wane, but again, there should be no reason you miss your training due to motivation issues – Hint, it’s not about motivation, but rather discipline…

The key is efficiency…

You want to hit a good warm-up…

Hammer one big lift…

And be done with it.

What big lift?

Pick one, hammer the hell out of it and go about your day.

Swings – . Do them. . That is all. .

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Making an MMA Workout Program out of it…

You even have the option of turning it into your holiday season program – One lift per day.

I’m not going to pretend this is my profound idea, far from it. Dan John wrote about back in 2004 writing:

“It’s so simple that it can easily be overlooked. It cuts gym time, but increases recovery time.”

Take a look at the original article here.

Closing Thoughts…

With any MMA workout program, the key is always simplicity. At a time of the year where time is stretched, stress can be at an all-time high and food and drinks are flowing aplenty – simplifying training to the max is a must.

Remember, it’s about quality over quantity.

So, go train hard with the bare minimum – earn that food and drink.


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