Minimalist Training – Simplicity

minimalist training

It’s been a little while since I last showed my face around these parts. I wish I had an exciting reason for the time away, but in all honesty I don’t.

I’ve been busy, and unfortunately it meant this little corner of the internet I call my blog, took a backseat.

Hopefully this post marks the return to some sense of regime. One post a week, perhaps two, maybe even a few guest posts?

Anyway…I’ve been thinking a lot recently about simplicity.

My life functions better when things are stripped back to their bare bones. Stripping away the flesh and revealing what’s truly important. When you have these elements identified – then work on them savagely.

Call it minimalist training, simplicity, whatever, the point is – get rid of all that is useless.

This plan has yet to guide me wrong.

This is especially true in fitness. I’ve never been one for the frills, the gimmicks, the gadgets and the fads. I’ve never been one for the comforts either, i.e. a gym with walls, but that’s another point entirely.

Today’s training was a prime example of this simplicity.

Minimalist training at it’s finest

I found a log located at the bottom of a steep, winding hill. The log was over 7ft in length and at least a foot in diameter, its weight – unknown.

I warmed up with some joint movements, head down to toe, some hardstyle push-ups, pull-ups on a branch and a few sets of goblet squats using a rock. Sufficiently warm it was time to get to work. I decided to move the log from its current position at the bottom of the hill, up to a new home at the top.

Why you may ask?

Why not?

People claim all sorts of functional strength this and that – yet never display any of it. This is as real world as it gets. It was wet, the air was cold, the log was dense and damp from the weather the night before. The workout had been stripped right back to one sole object: Get the log up the hill.

This type of challenge is as much physical as it is mental. Call it toughness, grit, determination, perseverance or whatever word you gravitate towards, much like a muscle, these traits can be trained and developed over time. This physical and mental toughness is forged through small victories and consistently moving forward in the face of an arduous task.

Plenty of sweat, swearing, failures and 45 minutes later the log lay in its new home.

Closing Thoughts

The take home point to this story is to keep things simple and challenge yourself with the seemingly impossible from time to time because you truly are capable of more than you think. The caveat, you have to do the work to get there though.

Remember, it’s simple, it’s minimalist training, but it’s far from easy…


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