Brutal 10 Minute Workouts: Medicine Ball Workouts

medicine ball workoutsSo, here it is again… two brutal 10 minute workouts! This is now the fifth in this series and if you have missed the previous four please do check them out in the links below.

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Now, it’s two, 10 minute medicine ball workouts. Medicine balls are pretty underrated these days, which in the MMA training world is a shame.

Medicine balls are insanely versatile and engage your core to a very high degree. Personally, the reason I love medicine ball training is the level of intensity you can put into every single rep.

They are tough, they can take a beating and they just keep coming back for more. There is literally no holding back. If you are slamming it into the ground, it’s full force. If you are throwing it, it’s full force.

Medicine balls naturally allow you to train rotational strength in a very functional, fight-specific way as well. This is something that other training implements often struggle to deliver. That combined with the intensity you can put into training makes for a very brutal, very functional workouts.

Workout 1: The Stand-up Fighter

1a. Med Ball Push-up x 10

1b. Med Ball Big Circles x 5 each way

1c. Med Ball Woodchopper x 5 each side

1d. Med Ball Rotational Throw x 5 each side (Into a wall)

1e. Med Ball Slam x 10

You have 10 minutes to complete 5 rounds. You want to get your circuit done within 60 seconds, rest 60 seconds and repeat this five times to reach the 10 minute limit.

Try your hardest to get all 5 circuits completed in the allotted time. Push yourself. Dig deep. Come out fitter, stronger and tougher.

Workout 2: The Ground Fighter

 1a. Med Ball Get-ups x 10

1b. Med Ball Shrimping x 5 each side

1c. Med Ball Single Leg Hip Thrusts x 5 each side

1d. Med Ball Russian Twist x 5 each side

1e. Med Ball Choke x 5 seconds max effort each side

As with the workout 1, you have a 10 minute time limit to complete 5 rounds total. Push yourself, limit rest periods and keep moving. If you were in the middle of a fight you couldn’t stop for a breather. Make this the same. Envision yourself completing the 5 rounds and get it done!

Closing Thoughts on Medicine Ball Workouts

Next time you finish your skill training, grab the dusty medicine ball in the gym and reawaken the power of training with such a great, diverse tool! They’ve been around for centuries and with workouts like this they’ll continue on conditioning fighters and athletes.


Ps. If you’d like to see any more medicine ball workouts in the future, just let me know!

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