Looking for Quick Workouts? Give this a go…

quick workouts

Just a quick one today – Life’s busy, schedule is busy, works busy, blah, blah, blah… and that’s where quick workouts are required.

When it comes to training, you don’t need complexity.

Some of the best training sessions are the ones that are the most basic. The ones that have been stripped back and had all complexities removed.

That’s essentially my philosophy on training and life – Fundamentals done well – Simplistic movements with a lot of savagery.

The Simple and Savage

This blend of simple and savage, basic fundamentals and intensity, holds a very rewarding high caloric burn factor with a lowered risk of injury.

My workout today was brief.

It was as simple as possible, with the intensity upped to savagery.

Give it a go.

It’s short, effective and powerful. The heart beats faster, the lungs feel a burn, the body feels savage and the mind feels toughened.

This is my go-to when time is short, but a workout has  to be done.

I like to call it “Succinct Insanity”

Succinct Insanity Workout – The epitome of Quick Workouts 

*Brief warm-up consisting of: Push-ups, sit-throughs, walking lunges, squats, tumbling

1a. Heavy Kettlebell Swings, 20 reps, Every Minute on the Minute for 10 minutes.

2a. Heavy Continuous Kettlebell Carry x 5 minutes

Swings – . Do them. . That is all. .

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The swings are done in an every minute on the minute protocol, so start a timer, get the 20 swings done and whatever time remains in the minute is your rest. When the timer starts the second minute, another 20 reps need to be done, again resting whatever is left. This gives you a total of 200 reps in 10 minutes –Brutal, effective work.

The continuous carry is all about tension. When the bell leaves the ground, the timer starts and the bell doesn’t touch the ground until the five minutes are completed. The bell is to be held in three positions: racked, suitcase or overhead. With both arms and one bell, that gives you six positions to cycle through during the five minutes.

The swings are all about speed and explosive power.

The carry is all about slow, grinding time under tension.

Savage simplicity at its finest.

If you’d like more quick workouts, then let me know!

If you give this workout a go, let me know as well. Message me and follow on Instagram – I love connecting with you all and helping in anyway I can.