Learn how to Shoulder a Sandbag – In one Minute

Shouldering a Sandbag

First, a boxing analogy…

In boxing, there are in essence just four punches – Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut. With these four punches you have a seemingly endless number of combinations. Couple that with a lifetime refining the techniques, nuances and details – learning offence, defence, reading an opponent, footwork and ring smarts and you have yourself the sweet science that is boxing.

What does this have to do with sandbag shouldering?

The sandbag, in my mind anyway (the industry disagrees with me somewhat) has just four movements – squats, presses, carries and shouldering.

Much like boxing put in the work to learn the techniques, the nuances and details – focus on your weaknesses, mix in different loads, reps, time-under-tensions, speeds, rest periods and you have yourself the sweet science of sandbag training.

There’s a saying in the StrongFirst community that states – “The elite are just better at the basics”.

My point is, with the sandbag forget the 1001 variations on this and that.

Grab a handless bag, load it heavy and focus on the basics – squats, presses, carries and shouldering.

How to Shoulder a Sandbag

Shouldering a sandbag is a skill first and foremost – so take it slowly and lightly at first.

Break it down into its parts and drill it over and over.

When you have the movement down, then the real fun begins!

To get you started, here is a one minute tutorial on how to shoulder a sandbag!


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Stay strong all.


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shouldering a sandbag