5 Easy Ways to Improve your next Workout

Training is a funny thing really. Just like all other aspects of life, you have to turn up and want to do well. You can’t just go through the motions and expect positive change. You have to focus, be in the moment and strive towards your goals.

That said though, there are a few, easy ways to improve the quality of your next workout.

1. Stop fucking around on your phone

Leave it well away. Need a timer, use a Gymboss. Need to track your workout, use a pen and paper. Yep, pen and paper! It may be more convenient to have the timer, an app with your workout, whatever all in one place on your phone, but it’s also the source of huge amounts of distractions.

You do not need to take a photo of yourself. You do not need to check social media the hour you are in the gym. You do not need to message people or check emails. There are huge amounts of time available in the day to do just that. Unplug for the time you are training and focus.

2. Keep your Goal in mind 

When you turn up at the gym, the woods, your backyard, the garage, or wherever you train, make sure you are training towards your goal. Going in and haphazardly training is a recipe for failure. If you are looking to lose fat, then train to lose fat. Getting strong? Lift heavy and train to get strong. Looking to be a better fighter? Identify what exactly it is you need to work on and do just that. Always train towards a goal.

3. Journal your Workouts

I have mentioned this so many times on this blog  but this is truly the holy grail of information when it comes to success in training. Journal every workout you do. The exercises, the weights, the reps, the time of day, how you felt afterwards and if anything is hurting or feeling off.

All of this is information that defines you and your training. You can go back and see what works for you. You can go back and see what was a waste of your time. You have measurable data you can use to show you are getting fitter and stronger.

If you have no idea what you did in your last workout, then how the hell will you know what you did last week? Last month? Last year? This is how your progress. Keep a journal, better yourself. You can read more about journalling your workouts here)

4. Cut out the Crap 

Do you really need the five or six different bars you have in your garage? Do you ever use the exercise ball you bought? Or, that dusty exercise bike that looks like it hasn’t been used since the week you bought it. You get the picture. Think minimalist.

A sandbag, a barbell and a kettlebell are more than enough to see amazing results. Don’t be put off by the lack of equipment you have. A sandbag will set you back less than the last bag of protein you bought. A single heavy kettlebell may be an investment, but it’s something you can use and experience gains with for years.

Truth be told, you can work wonders with just your bodyweight. This is especially true for fighters looking to get in conditioning. Focus on mastery of whatever you have available. Lift with flawless form. Lift as efficiently as you can. Look for tougher progressions. Limit your rest periods. Circuit exercises together.

5. Stop Program Hopping

Start a program and stick with it until the program is finished. This is the number one reason people don’t see the results they want. The body needs time to adapt and grow. You certainly can’t drill a double leg for 2 or 3 practices and expect mastery. It takes time.

I get it though. It’s not always fun doing the same workouts over and over. But, you have to stick with it. I see it all the time. Guys don’t like squatting, it’s hard. But, it’s incredibly beneficial! Get them done.