3 Things that are Sabotaging your Diet and Fat-loss

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Look, I’m far from a “diet” guy.

I’m admittedly an amateur in the nutritional, fat loss and dietary realm.

I’m a strength coach.

I teach movements and get people stronger. By people I mean everyday people, as well as combat athletes – Grapplers, MMA guys, BJJ players and the like.

When it comes to diets I’m of the mind-set that pretty much any will work when one, it’s strictly adhered to, two it’s given the time to work (yes, things take time to work…) and three, the three things below are avoided.

So, if you clicked on this post because you were looking for a diet to follow, unfortunately it’s not on here.

It is, however, three things I’ve seen time and time again affect the progress and outcome of any given diet, weight cutting or fat loss goal.

Take a look at the list, check in with yourself and see if any apply and stop sabotaging yourself in the pursuit of fat loss.

     I. Track Water Intake

Water intake is vitally important.

There are next to no processes in the body that don’t involve water. Muscle building, fat loss and recovery all certainly do.

Unfortunately most feel as long as they’re consuming a little, it’s ok. You’re taking in water right?

Unfortunately this thinking could be the key to your lack of progress in any determined goal.

As far as quantities go, I always recommend no less than 2 litres per day and those who’re particularly active and for athletes around 3 – 5 litres per day.

When it comes to water intake, do take it seriously. Don’t guess, don’t estimate or assume. Measure out or plan ahead the water you’re consuming in the day – everyday.

There are countless other benefits of water intake, which to save time I’ll refer you to an article I wrote before on the subject.

 II. Manage Stress

Stress is one of the hardest things to deal with in life.

Stress has a colossal effect on the body’s functions. This includes things like sleep, fat-loss, concentration, mood, energy levels and hormones.

While stress is completely inevitable – kids, bills, work, commitments, other people…  it is possible to manage it.

Implementing things like –

  • Mindful practice: meditation, yoga, reading…
  • Getting in a solid 8 hours of good sleep
  • Massages, hot baths, Jacuzzi’s…
  • Limiting the amount of time looking at screen, especially the hours before bed
  • Not holding onto negative emotions: anger, jealousy, bitterness…
  • Exercise (although exercise is its own form of stress, so avoid over-training)
  • Being in nature

III. Be nice to your Digestive System

Digestion is so often overlooked, but critically important to overall health.

Without a well-functioning digestive system, you won’t be able to digest food properly. That is, breaking down the food and nutrients effectively. Likewise, whatever nutrients are sub optimally extracted, they won’t be used optimally in the system, leaving your body lacking in the things it needs.

Digestion is a very personal thing. You know yourself the things that cause bloating, gas, discomfort, a lack of pooping or unpleasant pooping experiences. Avoiding these things is imperative in digestive health.

You want to increase your intake of foods that are rich in fiber. There is a great article from Dr Axe on foods rich in fiber, which you can check out here.

Parting Thoughts

Just a quick post today, but one that is of the utmost importance in terms of you seeing the results you’re after from your diet, fat-loss and health goals.

Train the body hard, train the mind hard – Make them both stronger and tougher.


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