F*ck Best Sets and Reps – Total-Rep Training for Fighters

best sets and reps

There’s a constant search for the best sets and reps when it comes to training.

You see to make the most out of your strength and conditioning work, you need to be constantly challenging your mind and body.

The issue here is most don’t know how to do this besides adding weight, or altering the exercise selection. Yes, there is a time and place for both options, but there are other options available – here, the total rep method.

The total rep method isn’t something particularly special, nor is it the magic bullet you’ve been searching for. What it is, is a another training modality to consider, implement and shock your training, body and mind into hopefully some positive change.

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5 Small, but Important Tips to Apply as a BJJ White Belt

BJJ white belt

Brazilian Jiujitsu is a truly fascinating art, one that takes deep hold on the practitioner.  A big part for me is the fact that the learning never stops. The art is ever evolving and there is always something to study, practice, drill and improve on.

Arguably the toughest phase of anyone’s journey is as a BJJ white belt.

Every movement, principle, position and technique is like dealing with a new language. It’s frustrating, confusing, claustrophobic and yet still addictive. The five tips that follow are a few little things to keep in mind if you’re a BJJ white belt starting out on your own journey.

The simple addition of these to your mindset and training will speed up the learning curve and have you on your way to blue quicker.

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Random thought of the day… The Best way to Lose Weight

best way to lose weight

The truth is, when it comes to the best way to lose weight, all diets work.

The caveat is the longevity of them. Short term is fine. Long term is a horror show.

And yes, when I say all, I mean all – Paleo, low-carb, high-carb, carb back loading, eliminating the evil gluten, intermittent fasting, warrior diet, ketogenic…

The thing I find funniest is the diets all tend to have a monster, almost cult like following, in which the practitioner is willing to fight to the death to defend and dismiss the other diet tribes. They all work!

They all work, despite the grandiose difference in claims they all push.

“Carbs are evil” “Gluten isn’t natural” “Having a feeding window of 6 hours a day will make you burn fat” “Eating like cavemen will may you ripped as fuck” I could go on…

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MMA Workout Structure for Fighters

MMA workout

One of the biggest links I see in the questions I get from people is a distinct confusion about what to do in a workout.

I get a lot of messages I get are along the lines of “How do I structure my MMA workout?”

I can understand the confusion though. With the need for things like mobility, stability, strength, power, speed, conditioning and stretching, I totally understand just how overwhelming it can all be.

Hopefully this post will help you guys out.

It’s a simple template I follow with my athletes to ensure all the necessary point get hit in each workout in as a time efficient manner as possible.

MMA Workout Summary:

  • Self-Myofascial Release work
  • Dynamic Warmup Movements
  • Corrective / Activation Work
  • Strength
  • Conditioning Finisher
  • Cool Down Stretch

Let’s look a little deeper into each.

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Looking for Quick Workouts? Give this a go…

quick workouts

Just a quick one today – Life’s busy, schedule is busy, works busy, blah, blah, blah… and that’s where quick workouts are required.

When it comes to training, you don’t need complexity.

Some of the best training sessions are the ones that are the most basic. The ones that have been stripped back and had all complexities removed.

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